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Top 10 Job Opportunities in Canada for Immigrants

Are you considering migrating to Canada but you want to be sure you won’t be idle or unemployed there? Then below are the top ten job opportunities in Canada for Immigrants.

You have decided to relocate to Canada as an immigrant. That’s great. Canada is a lovely country with friendly people, a welcoming economy, and many opportunities. But achieving success and stability as a Canadian immigrant depends on your ability to identifying employment prospects and evaluate the lifestyle they can afford you.

Let’s face it. The Canadian job market is very tight and the competition for jobs is very fierce especially in the larger cities. But with the right information and the ability to make good decisions, you will be able to find a good job that you will be satisfied with.

Top 10 Job Opportunities in Canada for Immigrants

1. Engineering

In the Canadian engineering sector, there is huge demand for mining engineers, electrical and instrumentation engineers, mechanical engineers, heavy equipment contractors, and project engineers. If you have the required four-year or five-year university degree obtained from a reputable institution, then you can apply for engineering jobs in Canada and work as an engineer. Most companies in Canada like to build their engineers from the ground up, so you may not need to have any previous work experience.

2. Construction

Canada’s construction industry is presently worth a whopping $168 billion—about 13 percent of the country’s economy. The industry abounds with job opportunities because there are presently many resources-based construction projects being carried out across the country that are driving a lot of construction activity. There are employment opportunities in particular for plumbers, welders, ironworkers, crane and heavy equipment operators, and so on.

3. Nursing

This profession is highly regulated in Canada. All nurses who want to work in Canada—regardless of whether they are internationally or Canada-trained; are required to pass a professional nursing order’s exam in order to practice in the country. This requirement is the same for those who hold a college diploma in nursing and those who hold a bachelor’s degree, Nurse practitioners in Canada earn up to $80,000 per annum, while nurse clinicians earn up to $70,000.

4. Occupational therapy

Occupational therapists rehabilitate clients and help them regain their independence after sustaining injury. With the increasing number if workplace-related accidents and injuries, the demand for occupational therapists is on the rise. Working as an occupational therapist in Canada requires a two-year degree in occupational therapy and 1000 hours of supervised fieldwork experience. Salaries vary depending on province, but a newly qualified occupational therapist can earn up to $45,000.

5. Medical technology

The increasing use of technology in medicine has necessitated the demand for those with a combination of IT skills and knowledge of the health care industry. Electronic medical records, electronic exam documentation and other newer technologies are becoming popular, thus the demand for skills and knowledge around them. In Canada, demand is high for diagnostics and medical imaging workers, lab technologists, and medical radiation technologists.

6. Personal support work

Personal support workers act as companions or personal aids, assisting the disabled or the elderly in their day-to-day activities. Although this profession pays less than others in the health care sector, it is unregulated in Canada, which means there are no strict entry requirements. Wages range from $25,000 to $35,000.

7. Veterinary care

A huge fraction of Canadians keeps pets, especially dogs. This explains why the demand for pet care services is high in the country. Veterinary doctors and surgeons are among the most sought after and most well paid professionals in Canada as of present. So, if you have the qualification required to work as a veterinary doctor (a bachelor’s degree in Veterinary medicine), a good job awaits you.

8. Dietician

Canadians are very much conscious of their health. And they understand the health benefits of knowing the right diet options for their conditions. So, dieticians are highly relevant in Canada. For example, people with diabetes or arthritis need to know what foods to eat that will help their condition rather than worsen it. Dieticians advise such people on the best foods for their conditions and what foods to avoid.

9. Dental care

Dental care is another very lucrative health sub-sector in Canada. The demand for dental implants, braces, and so on, is booming. This explains why dentists—the experts who help fix these items—are in huge demand, too. If you are a dental physician or surgeon, you will find lots of lucrative job offers in Canada.

10. Insurance agents

Many Canadians now understand the importance of insurance—especially life insurance. The increasing demand for insurance has prompted insurance companies to keep recruiting more agents  to bring more customers to them. If you have a deep understanding of how the insurance industry works combined with great sales skills, this is a good job option to consider.


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